Crescent Moon’s Innovative Snowshoe Is Built Like a Flip-Flop


Snowshoes have actually been around for 5,700years. This year Stone, Colorado– based Crescent Moon has actually made the world’s very first all-foam variation. Velcro bindings keep your shoes strapped to a teardrop-shaped platform made from 2 layers of ethylene-vinyl acetate, or EVA, the very same things utilized to style flip-flops. The snowshoes may look low-tech, however the mix of cleats and tire-like treads supply sufficient traction, specifically on hardpack tracks. Uncertain you’re the snowshoeing type? Business cofounder Jake Thamm is positive this style will alter your mind.” I would explain it as an entrance drug,” he states. The next time the tracks behind your home appearance impassibly stacked with snow, you understand exactly what to do.(******** )(***** )(********* )$160(********** )

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Styling by Pakayla Biehn

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