Haitian-American Garcon ready to forgive Trump’s ‘shithole’ comment


Pierre Garcon isn’t really precisely shocked that President Donald Trump described Haiti as a “shithole” – however that does not suggest the San Francisco 49 ers receiver wishes to combat hate with hate.

Garcon, whose moms and dads were born in Haiti, states he was baffled and at first mad regarding why the president of the United States of America would make such “awkward” remarks. Asked exactly what he would state to Trump, nevertheless, Garcon informed TMZ Sports: “We would forgive him.”

Garcon continued, “That’s all we actually can do. You can just attempt to reveal someone something. If they do not wish to experience it, that’s theirs, however we enjoy to be from Haiti. We enjoy to be Haitian immigrants.”

The 31- year-old receiver states there’s no indicate “stooping” to Trump’s level with individual attacks.

” You do not combat fire with fire,” stated Garcon, who held up Haiti’s flag while commemorating winning the AFC champion with the Indianapolis Colts in2010 “You attempt to clarify the circumstance and attempt to see it from a various viewpoint … Let’s not enter into a screaming match.”

Garcon’s charity, the Pierre Garcon Assisting Hands Structure, works to bring neighborhood, education, and health programs to Haiti, and wased established numerous months after the disastrous earthquake that struck the nation in January 2010.

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